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Online guide for making beautiful crystalbracelet. The guide is free for private use.

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Here you will find a guide for making the popular Rhinestone Bracelet
The guide is made ​​by
The indicated amounts of material is usually enough for a bracelet that is wrapped around a wrist twice.

You´ll need:
ca. 40 cm crystal chain 2,5 mm

2 meter russian braiding string 3 mm

1 stk. Lock with socket or a socketlock with an inner dimension of 5 mm

1 meter clear nylonwire 0,3 mm


Plus if necessary: 50 cm plain black leather cord of 1.5 mm to put in the chain for more volume in the bracelet.
Cut the russian braiding string into two pieces on each minimum 1 meter.
Put them next to each other under the crystalchain.
Tie all three ends well together at one end with a piece of nylon wire and finish with 3 knots. 
If you want a little heavier bracelet put a 1.5-2 mm leather cord within the chain (not shown in the example).

Take the string that is closest to the back of the crystalchain and wind it clockwise so it settles nicely into the spaces between the crystals.
Wind it about 5-8 times. 

Then you take the other cord and wind it the opposite way, 5-8 times and thats how you continue from string to string. By doing it this way (instead of all the way at once) is to avoid that the bracelet twists at the end.

Tip: It makes it easier if you attach the end of the bracelet in a vice, or similar, so that strings and chain can be held stretched in the process.

When the bracelet has the desired length (remember the lock is typically extra 1-2 cm), tie the ends closely together with a piece of nylonwire.  
Trim the ends of the bracelet, so they have a length where the nylonwire in the ends will be hidden in the lock.
Check that the lock fits properly and that the ends have just enough air around so the lock can go in.
Apply glue to the socket and push the ends in until the glue is dry.

Your finished bracelet you´ll see here.
There are at least 14 different colors of Russian braid 3 mm to choose from at

Tip: If you want a thicker bracelet you can add a leather cord, for example. 1.5 mm, and place it in the middle under the crystal chain. The leather cord is not normally to be seen at the end, when it is fully covered by braided string, so the color of this is not as important.
A few other examples.
Tip: Experiment with different types of string and try to mix two colors of string in the same bracelet.

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